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Buying or selling—why hire a lawyer?

Spring is in full bloom on the North Shore.  The trees are green again and pollen abounds.  “Open House” and “For Sale” signs grace the lawns of homes in Reading, Wakefield, Lynnfield, Peabody, Lynn and across the North Shore.  Spring is a great time for Buyers and Sellers.  A green lawn and blooming flowers help draw Buyers’ eyes and may enhance a home’s value.  Whether buying or selling a home, having a lawyer on your side from the beginning can help the process go smoothly.  Real estate closings are just one instance where buyers and sellers alike may want to consider hiring an attorney.

commerce-acts-books-477966-mNavigating an offer to purchase and then a purchase and sale agreement and finally the real estate closing can have challenges.  For one thing, paperwork with complex terms and forms can be confusing.  Negotiating the terms of the offer before signing anything, may prove very important.  Purchasing a home is a big investment; make sure you are protecting your investment from the beginning.  Closings can be particularly challenging if there are issues that arise from the title examination or the home inspection.  If you are unsure if you should handle a closing on your own, the best solution would be to hire an attorney to represent your interests and handle the details.

When it comes to getting answers to questions about a possible real estate transaction, it is invaluable to ask a lawyer who specializes in real estate.  You wouldn’t ask your local supermarket manager a question about a healthcare concern nor would you ask your doctor if the supermarket fish special is fresh!  Why then would you ask anyone other than a real estate lawyer a question about a real estate transaction?  Finding the real estate attorney may be a critical part of purchasing or selling a home.  Buying a home is a significant investment of both time and money and can be worrying for first-time home buyers and more experienced buyers and sellers.  Even if you have a family lawyer or a close friend that is a lawyer, it is important that you consider hiring an experienced real estate attorney to represent you for a sale, purchase or refi and to better protect your rights and interests.

Some people may think that a real estate attorney is only necessary for the closing or finishing up the transaction or, perhaps you only need an attorney for conducting the title examination and recording the deed.  However, hiring a real estate lawyer from the very beginning, before you sign anything, may be very important.  A knowledgeable real property lawyer can be helpful from the beginning with negotiating the terms of the offer, drafting and revising the purchase and sale agreement, reviewing paperwork and adhering to deadlines.  Having an attorney in your corner may well be one of the best decisions you can make when either buying or selling a home and may save you time and money throughout the process.  “If you’re going to do a multiple-hundred-thousand-dollar transaction, then you have to have a lawyer in your corner who’s working just for you, not both sides, and also is an expert in real estate,” says Don Campbell, a best-selling real estate author and market analyst from Vancouver.

When looking for an experienced real estate attorney, it will be helpful to focus on finding a lawyer with years of practice in real estate matters and who has extensive experience conducting closings and specialized knowledge about real estate titles and title insurance.  Look at such factors as experience, ease of communication and willingness to explain the complex factors of the transaction.  Purchasing a home is a large investment and hiring an attorney that deals in that specialized type of law is strongly recommended.  Whether buying or selling a home, protect your rights and find a real estate lawyer to be in your corner.

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